Everyone has value. Get your share now.

At UBU, we believe everyone has value. To achieve this, UBU gives every citizen 100 UBU tokens every day. These UBUs can be traded for goods and services with a growing range of vendors. Sign-up is free.

UBU citizens receive free money, every day.

Why UBU?

The UBU project is an ambitious endeavour to monetise wastage and inefficiencies present in all economic ecosystems, and redistribute that value to all participants in the UBU.world.

What is an UBU?

An UBU is a token of exchange that derives its value from participating buyers (citizens) and sellers (vendors). Vendors elect to accept payment or part payment in UBUs to gain a competitive advantage. A unique feature of the UBU token is that it is issued freely to any persons electing to receive them.

What is the UBU.world?

UBU.world is the ecosystem that operates as a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers, using an exchangeable token completely independent of government, taxation and donations. This provides it with unique features and benefits that are to the advantage of all participants in the ecosystem.

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